DOCUMENTARY SERIES 2012 | 2 x 52 mins, 2 x 43 mins | ARTE, SWR, BR

The Alps stretch for over a thousand kilometers from Slovenia to France and connect many countries. They seem so familiar and real to us, many may say they’ve seen them a hundred times – but current affairs images and didactic documentaries rarely manage to capture the myth of a region, the people’s spiritual entrenchment in their homeland and the magical moments as situations and experiences. The wideness of Europe’s most prominent mountain range can best be taken in from above. Using the Cineflex camera technology, VIDICOM Media from Hamburg takes the audience on a discovery trip along selected routes and set the scene for the most fascinating crests of the Alpine region, explore their history and reveal the lives and stories of their residents.

written, directed and edited by CHRISTIAN SCHIDLOWSKI (2 0F 10 parts)




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