The world is being re-measured, inch for inch, around the clock. 200 years after explorers like Alexander von Humboldt have mapped the globe on paper, satellites, drones and robot cameras are doing the job. An intangible amount of data goes into the networks of our planet every second, and multinational corporations are fighting for the pole position in a race around knowledge. The re-measuring of the globe affects us all: the changing climate and chemical composition of the air and seas are a challenge for life on our planet. A network of high-tech satellites can help us solve environmental problem by delivering the data scientists and governments need a knowledge base for action. Satellite data are the foundation for future technologies, like autonomous driving cars. At the same time, GPS in smartphones and the ability to determine our exact position at all times will change our society and the way we interact with each other. Children can be GPS-tracked by their parents. But how will this ability to control everything change the way we live and think?

Directed, shot and edited by CHRISTIAN SCHIDLOWSKI
Written by Stefan Aust and Christian Schidlowski
Produced by WeltN24